• Fixing a hole: Fixperts profile

    Every idea has its day, and Fixperts is an idea whose momentum has truly arrived. In 2016, the open-source fixing evangelists picked up a major Blueprint award, and trialled a whole new teaching programme around making for arts-starved UK schools. With the BBC recently launching its Big Life Fix, showing design professionals as they tackle real-life problems, it appears that fixing as a universal act of ingenuity and resistance – countering the culture of empty consumerism and built-in obsolescence – is going mainstream

  • Brief Encounters: Public Art in Oslo

    Veronica Simpson has been to Oslo, where she witnessed a different kind of public art.

  • Brief Encounters: Veronica Simpson

    Veronica Simpson is in a field in Derbyshire to see the progress of a scheme for a furniture business that is literally growing up.

  • Marsh Hill by Mole Architects

    This Suffolk house by Mole Architects achieves a fine balance of simplicity and complexity through careful detailing, craftsmanship and sensitivity to scale and the lived experience

  • On the drawing board: Panorama by Marc Mimram

    French architect and engineer Marc Mimram is realising his first inhabitable bridge, spanning the railway lines near Gare d’Austerlitz in Paris

  • Review: Robert Rauschenberg at Tate Modern

    The work of Robert Rauschenberg, on show at Tate Modern, seems to have predicted almost every contemporary art movement that followed, finds Veronica Simpson.

  • Tales of the Unexpected: the work of Bedwyr Williams

    We step into the weird and wonderful world of Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams and his surreal staged performances

  • Brief Encounters: Underrated Places in the UK

    Veronica Simpson assesses the importance of arts festivals being held in the UK’s under-appreciated cities. Are they making a difference?

  • Designing for Death: Bettering End-of-Life Experiences

    As the end-of-life experience becomes increasingly medicalised and sanitised, Veronica Simpson looks at how designers, architects and community networks are sparking a gentle re-engagement.

  • Brief Encounters: Veronica Simpson Talks KICKSTART Design Competition

    Sustainable design champion Veronica Simpson checks out the finalists of KI Europe’s first KICKSTART design competition