• Dream location

    The opulent and eclectic Reverie Saigon epitomises the rush to wealth in Vietnam. Its luxurious...

  • If Only there were moving meetings to promote good health

    says Alex Marrs, lead designer at Area Sq Regions

  • Superior interiors

    Designer Sarah Burghard says cookie-cutter design isn’t what independent hoteliers want.

  • What does your client’s brand sound like?

    Chris Wilcox says that while many stores, salons and restaurants play music, is it giving the...

  • One to Watch: The Vawdrey House

    We’re keeping our eye on The Vawdrey House, a threesome comprising designers Jennifer Hamilton,...

  • Design Central

    Marco Piva’s latest hotel project shows the Italian knack for mixing styles and periods.

  • A Light Touch

    Lighting design is an essential part of mood-setting and décor in hotels, but is hard to pull...

  • Hotels: Designing in luxury

    Opulence or convenience? FX looks at what guests want and what some designers have done to...

  • The reversible hotel

    Guest rooms at the Ageas Bowl Hotel transform into spaces to watch cricket matches. Howzzat?

  • Hotels: Taking an app

    Whitbread’s new high-tech and eco-friendly hotel in London’s Covent Garden, makes economic use of...

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