• Tales of the Unexpected: the work of Bedwyr Williams

    We step into the weird and wonderful world of Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams and his surreal staged performances

  • Brief Encounters: Underrated Places in the UK

    Veronica Simpson assesses the importance of arts festivals being held in the UK’s under-appreciated cities. Are they making a difference?

  • Designing for Death: Bettering End-of-Life Experiences

    As the end-of-life experience becomes increasingly medicalised and sanitised, Veronica Simpson looks at how designers, architects and community networks are sparking a gentle re-engagement.

  • Brief Encounters: Veronica Simpson Talks KICKSTART Design Competition

    Sustainable design champion Veronica Simpson checks out the finalists of KI Europe’s first KICKSTART design competition

  • Something in the City: Design and culture in Dundee

    With the V&A Dundee to open in 2018 the city of Dundee is getting ready to show its historic and modern design and cultural credentials.

  • Brief Encounters: Cycling to sustainability

    From the perspective of a bicycle seat, Veronica Simpson concludes that Holland shows how investment in cycling, inventiveness and courage can pay massive benefits to cyclists and the planet

  • Destruction of Memory review

    Tim Slade’s film, based on Robert Bevan’s 2006 book of the same name, documents the cultural destruction that has wrought catastrophic results across the world. It’s a must-see, says Veronica Simpson

  • Community-led Regeneration

    Community-led schemes are increasing and covering a wide variety of projects, thanks to more interest in participation and cuts to public-sector funding

  • Brief Encounters

    Veronica Simpson takes a trip to Venice and despite all the tourists declares it a very liveable city

  • Brighton Rocks

    We discover that the south coast city of Brighton is the vanguard of sustainable and innovative design that is inspiring a new breed of eco enterprise