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Desso (UK) Ltd

Fuse Create

A combination of two contrasting but complementary colour schemes in one inspirational flooring...

Bolton Gate Co Ltd

Doors, Side Hung, Fire

Composite Hinged Door / Flameguard Hinged Door


C3 Cabinet

This sophisticated cabinet will complement any decor, thanks to its minimalist silhouette and the...

Junckers Ltd

Black Oak Singlestave Blocks

Black Oak is from ancient times known as one of nature's own products made of oak stored...

ACO Water Management

ACO GravelGrid

ACO GravelGrid is a lightweight ground reinforcement system for gravel stabilisation, helping to...

Connections at Home

Mascagni Quadra Executive Desk with Extension Top and Drawers

Mascagni Quadra desk has an extented real wood veneer top and drawers with wooden legs and is...