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Boss Design Limited

Unifi Qube pod

The Unifi Qube pod is part of a range of modular high performance acoustic rooms that create the...

Armstrong World Industries Ltd (Ceiling Division)

Armstrong Wood Ceilings

Armstrong has a stunning range of wood ceiling tiles and panels, bringing the warmth and natural...

Antron Carpet Fibre

Antron® nylon

Given its optiumum molecular chain alignment, nylon 6.6 has a tight and strong molecular...

Concord by Feilo Sylvania

Concord Glace Slim LED Ambient

Bringing ambience and style as well as the required light levels to circulation spaces within a...

NVELOPE Rainscreen Systems Ltd

NV6 Nvelope System

NV6 NVELOPE system is suitable for the support of horizontal or vertical timber boarding or...

Allgood plc

Holt Timber Door & Bathroom Accessories

Holt is a new range of timber door and bathroom accessories. It's elegant super circular shape...