• Blueprint innovation: Engineers + Architects

    Innovative design and computational technologies have helped to generate a far more collaborative and mutually enriching way of working between architects and engineers. Zaha Hadid director Patrik Schumacher and BuroHappold’s Wolf Mangelsdorf invite us in on a conversation charting this evolutionary trajectory

  • Blueprint Innovation: Architects + Research

    Research and practice have rarely had much to do with each other in architecture. But an increase in the number of practices, of all sizes, whose investment in research has paid off not just in enriching their working environment but also in the scope and scale of their paid projects, could signal a welcome sea change

  • hoUse by Urban Splash and shedkm

    Seeking an alternative to mass housing schemes across the country, Urban Splash has teamed up with architecture practice shedkm to create a prefabricated housing scheme in Manchester that is customisable and quick to construct

  • Brief Encounters

    The Villa Tugendhat, in Brno, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is the birthplace of many 20th-centrury architectural ideals. A visit to the newly resorted original brings home that the genius of ‘god’, as Mies would have it, is in the detail. Veronica Simpson reports...

  • Game, Set and Match

    With the Olympic flame due to be in Rio next month, it’s timely to look at new UK stadia that are springing up with an eye to hospitality as well as the game. Veronica Simpson reports...

  • Brief Encounters

    The Design Trust is helping artists market their work through identifying and finding their real audience.

  • Design in Action programme supports the Scottish Economy

    The University of Dundee’s Design in Action programme is helping to help grow the Scottish economy.

  • Music halls: Let’s get physical

    Live-music venues are making a comeback, but this time with greater emphasis on the physical presence of the space – inside and out – and more emphasis on enhancing the audience experience. We listen in!

  • A closer look

    Museums are getting smarter about bringing their audiences closer to the subject, and even closer to each other, finds Veronica Simpson.

  • Dare to dream

    The chance to dream – something designers are rarely offered in the name of productive work. Veronica Simpson uncovers some inspiring examples of schemes – even countries – that offer support for unfettered creativity.