• Architecture photographers choose their best shot

    Even the most ardent architecture fans sometimes have to make do with photographs of buildings they may never get to see in real life. Luckily there are plenty of hugely talented photographers willing and able to capture these architectural marvels in their best light. To celebrate architecture photography we asked some of our favourite photographers to share the picture they're most proud of having taken, tell us about how it was made and why they like it
  • Motown to mountain: Gunnar Birkerts's new National Library of Latvia

    Gunnar Birkerts, one of America’s greatest post-war architects, transformed modernism with metaphor and materiality. Now aged 89, he has realised an extraordinary glass mountain in the land of his birth - the new National Library of Latvia, a symbol of the country’s independence struggle from the Soviet Union.
  • Gunnar Birkerts - Interview

    From Massachusetts, where he's relocated after a career in Michigan, the legendary Latvian émigré Gunnar Birkerts talks to Herbert Wright about influences, Latvia and the new National Library

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