• Flawless finish

    It started with resolving a beauty problem at Selfridges and ended with a whole new light module. Claire Hamill and Anna Sandgren of Nulty+ review the research project that gave a new complexion to retail lighting.

  • Armourcoat hosts Ukraine Art Space Awards

    Armourcoat hosts a London reception for the Kiev-based Ukraine Art Space Awards and features in MosBuild, the Russian building and interiors exhibition held in Moscow

  • Hendrix Flat, London by Outside Studios and Haines Phillips Architects

    It was 48 years ago today, that Jimi Hendrix had a pad to stay. His bedroom’s now restored to style, pretty sure it would’ve made him smile. So let me introduce to you, the place that’s waited all those years... 23 Brook Street, Mayfair

  • The hills have eyes

    Craftsmanship and big ambitions brought this intriguing house to life despite a small budget

  • Making the most of a small space: Aggrandise your apartment

    Sam Prusek of Building Architecture Magazine discusses how to make the most of small interiors and make them feel larger

  • Flooring Focus: Products

    Three pages packed with the latest flooring products ready to be specified in your latest design.

  • Nightclubbing: Ian Schrager

    Thirty five years ago, Ian Schrager’s legendary New York nightclub, Studio 54, closed its doors and the man himself — and partner Steve Rubell — headed off to prison for tax evasion. Who knew that this was just the beginning, with another nightclub to follow and designs on the hotel world that would change the industry. Just don’t call him a designer...

  • How do interiors define boutique hotels?

    Discover how wallpaper can alter the ambience of boutique hotels. Wallpaper and interiors expert Jo Frost discusses

  • Out of this world crystalline structure unveiled

    The Harbin Opera House in northern China has been completed, from innovative practice: MAD Architects

  • From Vivienne Westwood to leading designer, this is: Lee Broom

    With an open invitation to work as an intern for Vivienne Westwood, products and interiors designer Lee Broom thought a career in fashion design might have been his calling...