Two luxury Greek hotels get a revamp

The Myconian Collection reveal the competed renovations of their Myconian Imperial and Royal Myconian Resorts

Words by Rebecca Cameron

Founded in 1979, the Myconian Collection  is a family-owned group of nine luxury hotels on the astonishing Greek island of Mykonos. Each hotel offers its visitors a choice of the most beautiful locations on the island, state-of-the-art Thalasso spa centres, gourmet restaurants, and glamorous venue locations.

This year, the Collection has announced the completion of renovations to two of their resorts: the Myconian Imperial and the Royal Myconian, with both resorts acknowledging credible designs and traditional hospitality. These hotels have been completely revamped to display the magnificence of Greek architecture and elegant design, as well as highlighting the grand views of the Aegean Sea. 

The renovations within both resorts included redesigning all rooms, suites and public spaces. Altogether, the team re-designed 203 stunning rooms and 20 lavish suites, as well as the public spaces within the hotels, including bars, outdoor pools, gyms and wellness centres. Located next to the picturesque Elia Beach, the Myconian Imperial and the Royal Myconian have also created impeccable atmospheres for the sophisticated events that take place in their mesmerising venues. 

The Myconian Imperial  is located in an urban spot above the sea, and features an unusual choice of interior design; the interiors are mostly white, with dashes of blue splashed throughout the resort. Most of the accommodation is crisply white - from the walls and curtains to the dressers and bed sheets. Other elements include the light brown blends that make up the bed material, and the blue details on the furniture patterns. It is clear from this that each room was carefully constructed and planned to fulfil the requirements of the hotel guests.

Around the rest of the hotel, Greek typography is elegantly engraved in the mixture of the stone and white wood. The colours contrast with each other, creating a bridge between traditional Greek elements and modern décor. Intricate designs, such as the silver wired coffee tables, are showcased outside among the pool and lounging areas.

Meanwhile, the Myconian Royal combines the traditional Cycladic designs with more modern elements. The resort creates a sculptured landscape, and reinvigorates the alleys of Mykonos. Every room and suite is coated with either warm tapestries and fabrics or polished, wooden furniture.

Each room was also designed with the view of the Aegean Sea in mind; the breathtaking views bring character to the space and compliment the Cycladic nature. The extraordinary resort was redesigned with the idea of combining antiquity with contemporary structures, resulting in extravagant entertainment decks and sophisticated hallways that feature elements of Greek mythology. 

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