Lighting design practice Nulty+ were employed to produce a lighting scheme for Corbin and King restaurant Fischer’s that complimented the Viennese décor of the interiors, while delivering the efficiency and flexibility required by the operators. As part of their intimate lighting scenario, Nulty+ specified 129 spotlights from architectural lighting manufacturer Precision’s Retro range.

  • Forme UK refurbishes Metropolitan by COMO Hotel, London

    This Nineties hotel has had a major refurbishment, with Forme UK setting out to meet the heightened expectations of the modern-day traveller.

  • Il Baretto restaurant, Mayfair (London)

    paolo.interiors as a specialist architectural materials consultant and supplier for Il Baretto restaurant in London.

  • Crackenback Stables

    Casey Brown Architecture were commissioned to create a unique building out of common materials while still being beautifully detailed.

  • Xi Ding-Dumpling Restaurant

    RIGI were commissioned to design the flagship restaurant of Xi Ding-Dumpling.

  • Canto Corvino

    B3 Designers commissioned by client to design ‘Canto Corvino’ restaurant after previous projects display exceptional intricacy in attention to detail and design.

  • Christophe Rousselle Architecte create Gymnasium Henri Fogel

    Gymnasium Henri Fogel forms a continuity with the architectural heritage already present on the site of the Saint Nazaire sports centre.

  • Retro spotlights chosen for sympathetic design to co-ordinate with Alain Carle interiors

    Estiatorio Milo’s Restaurant London is the sixth restaurant from the acclaimed chef Costas Spiliadis. The Greek chef’s attention to detail was the initial starting point for lighting design of the restaurant, in a scheme by DPA, which features over fifty luminaires from Precision’s Retro range.

  • 147 Precision Spotlights Installed At Bellanger, the latest restaurant from Corbin and King

    TEI Electrical Contractors were invited to complete all electrical works for Bellanger, the latest restaurant from Corbin and King, and chose spotlights from Precision’s Retro range to complement the interiors from Brady Williams.

  • Spectacular ballroom uses DR8s for dynamic lighting solution

    The JW Marriott Bao’an in Shenzhen’s Central Area business district is a prime example of 5-star luxury, not least the impressive Grand Ballroom, which required a lighting scheme that combined a beautiful ambience as well as functionality for the array of meetings and events that the hotel hosts. IlluminateLD delivered this combination in a scheme featuring 114 DR8 remote controlled spotlights from RCL.