• Generation game: the influence of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

    Established in the Eighties, FeildenClegg (now Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios) had an alternative background, following a communal-living, self-sufficent, build-it-yourself craft lifestyle. While it moved on into bigger projects and garnered an enviable mainstream reputation, it retained an affection for arts and crafts - and has spawned several offshoot practices headed by former staff, which seem to be following in the practice’s early-era footsteps.

  • How Virtual Reality can change the face of architectural design

    Designing a new home is always a gamble. No matter how many intricate plans you see before-hand you can never be certain how the finished design will look.

  • Renzo Piano's first US project is stunning

    Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano is making his US debut and as expected, it’s beautiful. The Italian architect is joining forces with Terra, an integrated development firm in South Florida, to create Eighty-Seven park Residences, a private luxury beachfront condominium located in Miami.

  • Wonder wall: Lascaux IV by Snøhetta and Casson Mann

    Locked away for more than half a century, the precious Lascaux cave paintings can be seen again. In a new building, Lascaux IV, Snøhetta and Casson Mann take visitors back 20,000 years to view and touch representations of the prehistoric World Heritage Site caves and immerse themselves in their atmosphere and legacy.

  • Zap Architects open an 80s-themed terrace

    This month potentially the coolest new alfresco drinking terrace has opened in East London.

  • The world's most Eco-friendly offices

    Here at DesignCurial, we are firm supporters in the fight against global warming. As individuals, we know that that through recycling and incorporating small lifestyle changes into our daily routines we can positively change the effect humans have on the environment.

  • Avanti Architects open first school at Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park

    Avanti Architects have completed the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park’s first school for the Mossbourne Multi Academy Trust. The school is the latest edition to the new residential quarter being developed at East Wick.

  • RIBA host inaugural West Midland Women in Architecture lunch

    Although we may have a female Prime Minister, there are still a significant number of industries where women are under-represented and Architecture is one of them.

  • An interview with Alan Maskin: the man revamping the Seattle Space Needle

    We all remember the emotionally charged scene in the film Sleepless in Seattle when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks finally meet at the top of the Space Needle right? Well the iconic Seattle landmark is getting a revamp and it’s going to be epic.

  • An interview with Amani Radeef: winner of Max Fordham Environmental Design Prize

    Amani Radeef is the winner of this year’s Max Fordham Environmental Design Prize. Her project re-imagines a traditional Viking long-house as a contemporary town hall performance space.