Gas station design – the world’s 10 best filling stations for 2016

#9 Gazoline Petrol Station

gas station design

Location: Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy

Architect: Damilano Studio Architects

Completed: 2011

It appears that gas station design has elevated over the last 10 years for this petrol station from Damilano Studio Architects is sleek and sophisticated.

gas station design

A long, curved-edge structure comprises the main store and windows take up almost the entire facade. A red feature wall on one side adds a pop of colour to the exterior with corresponding red petrol pumps. A lengthy canopy is positioned perpendicular to the store to provide shelter, while on the other side a rectangular parasol stands alone.

gas station design

Landscape architecture brightens up the exterior, bringing greenery and style to an area normally clad with shades of grey; while a stark white interior and furnishings come to life with splashes of red.

All images courtesy of Damilano Studio Architects © Andrea Martiradonna

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