9 of the UK’s most popular interior design trends

From restaurants to hotels, workplaces to homes, there are so many different interior design trends being used to create beautiful spaces. We take a look at nine of the UK’s most popular interior design trends to find out how to create them.

Interior design trends may come and go but there are a few that have stuck around long enough for us to take notice. These can often form the basis of great home design – but often have been used in a variety of spaces, including hotels, restaurants and even high street shops.

With so many different design trends out there, we’ve decided to look at nine of the most popular choices when it comes to interior design. Without further ado, here they are…

Colour Pop

If you want a modern feel to your home, then ‘colour pop’ is a great way of giving it a modern lift. This is a trend that suits any room, from the living room to the bedroom. In essence, it is about adding a splash of colour to a neutral backdrop. Whether your backdrop is grey or beige, introducing colour lifts the style of the room. For example, opt for a crimson red floor cushion or a block colour bean bag. Use one colour in various shades with throws and cushions for a cohesive, symmetrical approach – or, for a real modern look, opt for a rainbow of colour in the room.


Similar to the well-known farmhouse style, the ‘rustic’ interior design trend uses wood with a slightly less refined edge to it. It is perfect for those who don’t want the bluntness of straight lines; this interior design trend is all about making the most of the quirky alcoves and the not-so-straight walls. It is a mix of natural materials, from towering stone fireplaces to plenty of reclaimed wood furniture. Add a wingback armchair – perhaps one from Sloane and Sons - to complete the traditional look.

Shabby Chic

This is a trend that never really goes away; instead, its popularity simply waxes and wanes. It is the combination of antique furniture (or older looking furniture) with vintage florals, which sit alongside the matte finish of chalk paint, and warm, comforting textures. In terms of colour schemes, think in pastels shades and you can’t go far wrong. There is no drama to this wonderful interior design trend – but there can be a lot of up-cycling.


This is a trend that is gaining in momentum and no wonder – it simple, elegant and warm, and there is nothing pretentious about it. The ‘Scandinavian’ style is all about functionality without clutter; it is the warmer take on the sparseness of minimalism. Materials used are natural, from chunky knit wool throws to sheepskin rugs, and it makes the most of the natural light in the room. There are no harsh, jarring colours here, just pastel shades and restful neutral tones. If you want the true Scandinavian look, opt for white and off-white, but if you need warmth in it, opt for barely-there colours with limited patterns.

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