9 of the UK’s most popular interior design trends

Luxurious Glamour

The ‘luxurious glamour’ trend is one that is expected to make a huge impact in the coming months, especially in residential and hospitality design. To create this look, opt for luxurious and opulent fabrics including velvets; match metals such as brass with the depth of navy blue, one of the most on-trend colours for the coming season. For this trend to work, you can be as decadent and dramatic as you dare.

Eclectic Bohemian

For those looking to bring a unique, eclectic feeling to a space, this is the perfect interior design trend. The informality of ‘Eclectic Bohemian’ attracts those who travel, and who love to display the spoils of their trips. The colour of the scheme tends to rest on the brighter side – an almost golden yellow for example, over and above a pastel shade – with a relaxed, laid-back approach found in the seating and accessories choices, which ties the trend together.  To create this look, leave the rulebook on the shelf.

English Country Garden

Manicured and beautiful, the English Country Garden trend is reminiscent of the heady scent of the blush pink roses, which might be found winding themselves around a door or over an arch. This genteel appearance is replicated in the interior too; think delicate floral patterns, well-placed and chosen ornaments and sculptures, side tables for cups and saucers and traditional, styled sofas and chairs. It might be a dreamy aesthetic, but it should also be comfortable too!


Stark, utilitarian and practical, there is a certain attractiveness to the Industrial trend that can be seen in both commercial and domestic settings – and this trend is going nowhere yet.  Sometimes seen as a masculine interior trend, Industrial interiors bring together raw elements – steel, brickwork and metal fittings with reclaimed wood – to create a stripped-back, open space. For a slightly milder look, bring in ‘something different’ such as a coloured, velvet sofa; or, give the space an edgier look with leather accessories, and the Industrial style is right on trend for the coming season.


Bright blooms and tropical leaves are nothing new to interiors, but the recent rise to stardom that the botanical trend has enjoyed has caught many off guard. If you’re looking for something different or less traditional without stepping into ‘eclectic bohemian’, then this style will definitely appeal. Tropical, floral patterns make this trend what it is – so be bold with big leaf prints and tropical flowers. Choose a popping wallpaper colours, and add botanical accessories such statement cushions – and finally, bring it all together with an understated dusky pink.

Guest post by Ryan Jones on behalf of Sloane & Sons, a leading UK supplier of a range of chairs including the traditional wingback chair and the modern tub chair.

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