• The Business

    News and pictures from the design sector.

  • Reporter

    The FX Awards return at the Grosvenor House in London for a night to remember on 30 November.

  • Performance Boosters

    FX explores how designers make our shared spaces more resilient in the face of pandemics

  • If Only…

    we could all have our own personal Beacon of Hope, wonders Steuart Padwick, director of Steuart Padwick

  • Light + Tech

    Jill Entwistle takes us through some of this year’s award-winning lighting installations

  • Design Seminar

    FX invited a panel of experts to reflect on patterns and the role they play in shaping our interior landscape

  • One to Watch

    Showcasing the work of Tamsin Hanke and Sash Scott at THISS, a London-based architecture practice.

  • Lighting Focus: White magic

    A selection of projects that use the absence of colour in order to transform spaces, reifying feelings of religious fulfilment as well as achieving an artful presence.

  • Lighting Focus: Living sculptures

    Technology and art embrace in the work of Jason Bruges Studio as they employ a number of techniques to transform spaces and tell stories through the medium of light and space.

  • Lighting Focus: Unweaving the rainbow

    Liz West employs an array of colours in her work, working intricately with light and the contrast between dull and dazzling visuals in order to bring material and space to life.