If Only…

we could all have our own personal Beacon of Hope, wonders Steuart Padwick, director of Steuart Padwick

I WANT TO CLEARLY KNOW the carbon footprint of everything I eat, buy, touch or use, from travelling and holidays to food and furniture – but keep it simple.

Through augmented reality, my personal Beacon of Hope (BOH) would tell me if something had an above or below average carbon footprint – such as purchasing a chair, groceries or a plane trip to France. I could then choose to go for the greener option that was below average.

If everyone always went for the below average, then those averages would start to plummet as suppliers of the higher options strived to ensure their offerings were always below the current average.

All this data about what we purchase and the carbon footprint of each item or service would feed into an automated global database. At any one time, we could use our personal AR BOH to see how any neighbourhood, town or city, country or the world was doing.

How does my carbon footprint compare with those near me or those the other side of the world? If mine is higher, my BOH app will encourage me with ideas and I can easily see what to do and perhaps reduce what I buy as well as chase the lowest CO2 options. Link beacons with others to ensure that as a group/community we are buying, developing and travelling greener.

Information and data is critical for us to move towards net zero. This is a way to think positively about environmental change. For each of us to realise we can and do make a difference every day, and to inspire others to do the same – the greener glass is filling.

Steuart Padwick is a designer of furniture, lighting and products for domestic and contract spaces. His pieces have sculptural references and are designed to enhance people’s lives whilst fitting the needs of their environments. In recent years, he has designed several major public art installations in support of mental health.

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