• The Business News and pictures from the design sector

    The Business News and pictures from the design sector

  • Reporter

    Surface Design Show is gearing up for its next edition to once again showcase the best in material innovation

  • Top Ten

    The best new products to market

  • If Only

    children had design review oversight, says Kevin Kudo-King, principal and owner of Olson Kundig.

  • Toby Maxwell’s Flooring Focus Products

    Discover the latest flooring collections and ideas.

  • Toby Maxwell’s Flooring Focus Projects

    Three projects on how to get flooring right. University of Surrey, Guilford; Insight Direct, Manchester; and StirrUps Bar and Restaurant, Eversham.

  • Monet-Mitchell

    Where Claude Monet painted what he perceived, Joan Mitchell painted what she felt. Stephen Hitchins explores an exhibition that brings these two artists’ styles together.

  • Toby Maxwell’s Hotel Focus Projects: A showcase of some of the hotel projects around the world

    Showcasing some of the best and most innovative hotel designs from around the world, from the UK and Europe to as far flung as countries like Indonesia, China and even two unique examples from the Arab world

  • Toby Maxwell’s Hotel Focus Q&As

    Dustin Wekesser, associate principle at CallisonRTKL on its scheme for the Grand Hyatt hotel in Kuwait, and Tim Rooney, project manager and principle at Jeffrey Beers International on partnering with the Hard Rock brand.

  • Light + Tech

    Jill Entwistle takes us through some of this year’s award-winning lighting installations.