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    Bisca are designers and manufacturers of bespoke staircases and balustrades for residential and commercial clients. Based in North Yorkshire we work locally, nationally and globally.

    Design professionals, like yourselves, we understand the importance of cohesion within any project team. Our portfolio of bespoke staircases and balustrades includes everything from single flights of straight stairs to multi-flight helical stairs. From ocean going yachts, to period cottages, to modern sky-scraping Penthouses, Bisca have earned a reputation of being able to execute challenging and complex stair designs for even the most awkward of spaces.

    Working together
    We believe the synergy between an Interior Designer and Bisca working together on a staircase project is of greater value to the client than either one working independently.

    In much in the same way a specialist is brought in to design ventilation, heating, cladding, etc., anything other than a standard staircase requires a staircase specialist.

    Supporting you and your clients
    The main advantage of working with Bisca is that we can give you all the advice you require for your client’s staircase whether it is a new build or a staircase renovation.  We will meet with yourself, and your client if you wish, and together discuss plans for the property, including style, materials, aesthetics and functional considerations,

    Attention to detail
    We will take care of the staircase design, from concept to installation with your approval at every stage. Our designers will resolve all aesthetics, fixings, materials, specifications, loadings, head heights, going and rise to name but a few before materials are procured and the staircase moves into our workshop.

    We remain in constant communication with yourself and your project team so typical issues arising when a build or project gets underway, such as floor to floor discrepancies, wall thickness variations, material substitutions etc., are settled before the staircase or balustrade gets to site.

    Free Design Consultations
    If you would like to talk to us about a project, a concept design, or would like more brochures to use with your clients, then please contact us.

    Contact Details

    Bisca House, Sawmill Lane,
    North Yorkshire
    YO62 5DQ
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 01439 771702
    Fax: 01439 772809