• Findon Heated Towel Rail

    The latest addition to the Sussex Range by JIS Europe is the Findon.

  • Buho by Harmony

    Porcelain tile in a small square format of 22.3cm x 22.3cm in 4 colourways including Décor tiles featuring 10 patterns that experiment with the geometry of the square.

  • Wabi Sabi by Grespania

    Wabi Sabi by Grespania features 3 notably different designs including Concrete, a cement look with subtle spatula effects in a 31.5cm x 100cm format.

  • Everglow by Rocersa

    Everglow, a wood-effect porcelain plank by Rocersa, works well on a patio

  • Pelican

    PELICAN is a flexible and convenient solution to bring power and USB charging to previously unpowered areas. Its contemporary looks and advanced technology allows users to charge their devices wherever they are. PELICAN’s stylish stable construction can easily be moved and positioned to suit the requirements of the situation.

  • Podium

    PODIUM offers a sleek, low profile power solution for workstations, public and private areas where AC power outlets, USB charging and data/AV connectivity are required.

  • Pascal

    PASCAL is a stylish and innovative reinvention of the classic meeting table pull-up/pop-up power module. Using a compact internal spring mechanism, PASCAL uniquely offers pop up capability in a unit small enough to toolless install in a standard 80mm desk grommet aperture.

  • TUF A+C

    The USB Type C connector is now being adopted by all the major manufacturers of mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc) and has already been incorporated into some laptops. This is not only because of its small form factor and the fact that it is reversible, making it simpler and easier to use, but also because it enables significantly faster charging than was possible with the USB Type A connector, whilst at the same time (for relevant devices) replacing all former AV/data connections, such as VGA, HDMI, USB-A, RJ45.

  • QikFit TUF5A

    QikFit TUF5A is our most compact solution for providing conveniently located USB ‘fast-charging’ for mobile phones and tablets and is ideal for installation in steel furniture such as lockers. QikFit TUF5A keeps pace with rapidly changing USB charging technology by providing both Type A and the latest Type C USB ports, the latter providing up to 3A at 5vDC, with class leading efficiency.

  • Ashdown Heated Towel Rail

    The Ashdown heated towel rail from JIS is a flat fronted design. Manufactured from 100% stainless steel which totally eliminates the risk of corrosion and flaking. It’s long slender appearance will grace any bathroom, leaving towels warm and dry.