Top Five in October

The most interesting products to hit the market

Words by Sophie Tolhurst

by Knightsbridge Furniture

This is a flexible seating system and also a playful focal point for commercial interiors, with segments of different heights encouraging the user to climb and interact and connect through play. It comes in biroresistant silicone, faux leather, or a tropical print by Timorous Beasties.

Mesh Sheets
by Wood-Skin

Mesh Sheets

Wood-skin has developed a range of flexible mesh sheets to support a skin of rigid panels, including acoustic panelling, that can be used indoor and out. Variably sized facets within the flat sheets mean that the curve radii can become tight and form unusual wavy surfaces.

by Rainlight and Okamura


The sculptural forms of Nagare, or ‘flow’ in Japanese, and the flexible working they encourage are a reflection of the name. With its power sockets and USB ports, Lounge promotes introspection, while Platform’s horizontal planes allow perching at meetings. |

Hem from Denim
by IVC

Hem from Denim

A fashion stalwart, denim, is reinterpreted in three carpet designs: Zip it, Hem and Jean. Our favourite is Hem: a large twill with a contrast stripe like a traditional denim selvedge. The colourways are inspired by the denim favourites stonewash, blues, greys, and blacks.

by DAM

Hem from Denim

The Pipo stool is from a range of sustainable furniture designed for commercial settings. Agglomerated cork is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and vegetable too – embracing biophilia and bringing nature indoors. The seat is finished with a colourless, aqueous coating and a colourful hemp rope handle.

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