Top 10 Best Designed Train Stations in Europe

With nights drawing in and the countdown to Christmas beginning, we take a look at some of the best designed train stations from around Europe.

Trains and their stations can mean many things; they can be romantic spaces where we make tearful goodbyes or have joyous reunions. Equally, they can be melancholic, or unbearably frustrating as we wait in the biting cold for a train that has been delayed for the third time.

But behind these inner thoughts and feelings, underneath the hustle and bustle of a busy station, lie staggering feats of design and engineering. Indeed, railway stations can be some of the most intriguing and awe-inspiring buildings, if only one remembers to look.

To celebrate these design behemoths, and remind ourselves how often we will use them during the festive period, at DesignCurial we have donned our judging hats and picked our Top 10 - the best designed train stations in Europe. Designs were judged on their innovation, expression,  and on unique or stand-out aesthetics.

From Belgium to Spain, here are our Top 10 Train Stations in Europe... 

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