The world’s 10 best designed bus stations for 2016

#3 Busbahnhof Poppenbüttel

bus station design

Design: Blunck + Morgen Architekten

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Claiming the Building of the Year Award in 2009 by the Hamburg Architecture and Engineering Association (AIV e.v Hamburg), this eye-catching bus station was designed by architects Blunck+Morgen.

bus station design

Image: Blunck + Morgen Architekten

The aim was to create a design that reflected the concept of an airborne edifice. And successfully so; the architects crafted an 1800 sq m wing-shaped roof that echoes a lightweight, floating structure.

bus station design

Image: Blunck + Morgen Architekten

The contemporary shelter includes eight bus bays that can travel around it, much like water surrounding an island.

Beneath the shelter supported by steel columns there is a large area for waiting and seating. The armour of ALUCOBOND comprising the roof looks much like a sail, fusing with the white, curved façade of the shelter's exterior.

bus station design

Image: Maike Hansen

Main image: Blunck + Morgen Architekten

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