The Singapore Night Festival: Best installations

The Singapore Night Festival kicks off this evening and promises to bring the best in art, music, and culture that the city has to offer.

When the sun goes down the lights come up. Interactive installations and sparkling sculptures make each exhibit more Instagrammable than the last in this cultural explosion.

This year the festival is celebrating 10 magical years so it has pulled out all the stops, bringing back crowd favourites from the past and introducing impressive new artists.

We love a good celebration of art so we have chosen our top picks from the festival to whet your appetite.

Phosphene by Praxis +

This tunnel of twinkling lights invites visitors to become immersed in its warm glow as they move through it. Designed by a team from the Singapore University of Design, the installation is inspired by memorable moments in the festival’s ten-year history and celebrates the memories and people that have been a part of the event over the years.

The Tree that Blinked by Karel Bata

This optical illusion created by a series of portraits projected onto a tree is a real mind bender. The project toys with notions of identity and representation. Moving with the wind, the expression of the projected faces appear to change with the weather.  

People find the installation a puzzle, with some insisting that the face must have been painted on the leaves, or sculpted into the tree.

Although not specifically inspired by anything, references to The Wizard of OZ get thrown around a lot. For us, it reminds us of Grandma Willow from Pocahontas.

Tressellations of Time by Litewerkz X 3M

LiteWerkz, a collective from the Singapore University of Technology and Design has teamed up with scientific company 3M to create these futuristic light-up pods which explore the bridges between people and time.

The digitally fabricated pods, made from architectural glass films and coded lights, change and fluctuate as individuals step inside them. The artists strive to create conversation around the pods, exploring different people’s interpretations of the past present and future.

The Standing Men by AADN

As you stroll through these inanimate statues you need to keep your wits about you. The 16 human-sized figurines call out to passers-by in an attempt to entice you in conversation. Each statue comes to life in an unpredictable way eventually transforming the installation into a ballet of light. All the dialogue has been pre-recorded in Bras Basah.Bugis, the arts district of Singapore, but visitors could be forgiven for believing they were having a spontaneous chat with a robot.

Convolutions by EZ3kiel

EZ3kiel completely transforms the façade of the National Museum of Singapore to create this contemporary show. Using projections, lights, lasers and music the architecture is manipulated to create a whole new visual experience.

The Singapore Night Festival runs from 18-26 August 2017.

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