The Ones to Watch at Free Range 2018

Claudia Rose

Leeds Art University
Exhibition: SYZYGY

A Leeds based visual artist, Claudia Rose’s work consists of sculptural assemblages made up of both found and carefully crafted objects; these have been selected for their material history and subjective resonance. Having recently completed her degree in Fine Art & Sculpture, her sculptural installations will be on display at Leeds Art University’s exhibition, SYZYGY.

Chloe Thomas

Arts University Bournemouth
Exhibition: Eyewash

British still life photographer Chloe Louise Thomas uses her practice to investigate the relationship between colour, abstraction and the beauty of the mundane. Her curiosity to experiment with traditional approaches works with the contemporary balance of photography; her latest works will be showcased at the Eyewash exhibition.

George Wark

Norwich University of the Arts
Exhibition: Visual Interference

George Wark aims to create sensation with his work, having developed an understanding of the difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘perceiving’. For Free Range, he has developed an installation that he hopes will cause a physiological reaction in the eyes of the viewer; these latest pieces will be shown at Norwich University of the Art’s exhibition, Visual Interference.

Megan Staple

Arts University Bournemouth
Exhibition: Eyewash

Pushing the limits of concrete abstraction, still life photographer Megan Staple uses her hand-crafted sets to create vibrant, geometric images that appear fictional. Since developing an interest in perspective manipulation in 2015, she has delved into various corners of abstract photography – her latest body of work, ‘Non-Fiction Fantasies’, will be on display at Eyewash.

Holly Frampton

Falmouth University
Exhibition: Yolk

By channelling emotions through textures and substances, artist Holly Frampton captures the experiences of anger and hostility within family life – focusing specifically on her own relationship with her father. Being showcased at Falmouth University’s exhibition, Yolk, during Free Range, her latest works are called 'Back In Anger' and balance tension with colour and excitement.

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