Take a seat on Tacchini at Muscat International Airport

The new terminal at Muscat International Airport has been completed, and several locations throughout the terminal feature high-quality products from Italian furniture company, Tacchini.

Part of the main airport of Oman, the new, modern terminal at Muscat International Airport is 580,000 square metres, and was opened on the 20th of March 2018. Managing the project was Alshaya, a multi-national retailer based in Kuwait; in order to meet the needs of the airport, several Tacchini products were specified for their high level of quality and timeless elegance.

Founded in 1967 in the heard of Brianza, Tacchini is an Italian furniture brand that boasts the hallmark of Italian design: “the ability to give any space a sense of place, be it public or private, domestic or communal, filling it with presence”. Combining their designs with a surprisingly contemporary personality, Tacchini have several products that have been used within the new terminal at Muscat International Airport.

Within the staff entrance hall, Intercity Tables – designed by Pietro Arosio in 1999 - and modular systems were used. Meanwhile, Polar Perch and Chill Out High were used for the official entrance hall. The Polar Perch was designed by Pearson Lloyd in 2013, with the different elements being used as seating – or the occasional table. The design took its inspiration from nature, and from Pearson Lloyd’s study of contemporary spaces.

Chill Out High, on the other hand, was designed by Gordon Guillaumier as a system of sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. They were inspired by the themes of freedom, simplicity and lightness. The designs can work both on their own, in a linear composition or a corner composition. Their slim, comfortable volumes make them a perfect piece for a large airport.

Within two different lounge spaces at the new terminal, Tacchini products have also been used to help create a calm environment. Within the relaxation area, Atoll chaise longues designed by Patrick Norguet mean travellers can put their feet up and take a moment of respite on their journeys. Made of four separate elements, the Atoll pieces work together to create a snug whole - with an arm rest on one side and an open hollow on the other. This surprising asymmetry gives individuals the chance to rest in different positions, depending on their comfort.

Within the family lounge, Shelter armchairs have been used, acting like a cocoon for parents and children alike. Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, it draws its inspiration from the Egg armchair, which was created by Arne Jacobsen in 1958. This classic design has been reinvented, creating a comfortable, light armchair that embraces travellers as they sit in it, allowing them to feel like they are in a private space whilst the rest of the world bustles around them.

With all Tacchini products being manufactured in the area of Brianza, between Milan and Como, it is easy to see that the strong tradition of Italian manufacturing and craft has been maintained within the brand. This also adds a huge element of eco-sustainability, as the products and materials are created within a 50 kilometre zone around the Tacchini factory. With such thoughtfulness and a high quality of product, it is easy to see why Tacchini continues to stand out as a world-renowned contemporary design company.

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