Studio Mieke Meijer creates a festive light installation for Coal Drops Yard

Eindhoven-based design practice Studio Mieke Meijer unveils a special, festive light installation at King’s Cross’ new shopping and restaurant district, Coal Drops Yard.

After the opening of Coal Drops Yard last week, the new Heatherwick Studio-designed shopping and restaurant district in Kings Cross, London, will now also be home to a unique light installation over the festive season. Commissioned by MDR Gallery and created by Eindhoven-based design practice Studio Mieke Meijer, the vibrant light installation was unveiled on the 6th of November, and has been titled Spaces Frames.

A dynamic installation that responds to the architecture of their location, Spaces Frames is a collection of giant sculptural lights that have been placed around Coal Drops Yard and Granary Square. The installation will be open to the public until the 6th of January, 2019; Studio Mieke Meijer’s aim was for the installation to act as landmarks in the area, tracing the arches and mimicking the graphic outlines of Coal Drop Yard’s industrial structures.

Visible across the landscape of Coal Drops Yard, Granary Square and beyond into the Kings Cross area, Space Frames will act as beacons for the space, drawing visitors towards and beneath them. The installation has been inspired by the majesty of “rigourous and functional industrial architecture”, the same way that the opening of the highly-acclaimed Coal Drops Yard is a celebration of industrial engineering and London’s heritage.

In fact, Studio Mieke Meijer founders Roy Letterlé and Mieke Meijer cite the abandoned industrial buildings in Eindhoven as major influences on their work. Inside the Space Frames is a strong, light aluminium skeleton, which was made using an innovative modular system invented by the studio itself. All of the pieces have been handmade by Studio Mieke Meijer in their workshop, and the frames have been covered with an industrial polyester fabric - which is more usually found in the aviation industry.

“We didn’t just want to make a lamp, but more of a building system - from the same building block you can make a small object or a really large one,” says Meijer, discussing the work. Space Frames is the result of this idea; Studio Mieke Meijer have demonstrated their idea of modularity by super-sizing the sculptures for the district, but the domestic versions of the pieces can be seen at MDR Gallery, on Lower Stable Street within Coal Drops Yard.

All images: John Sturrock

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