Robin Monotti Architects to develop Tbilisi Business Centre

London-based Robin Monotti Architects has received the government approval to develop the Tbilisi Business Centre in Georgia.

Set on the banks of the river Kura, the Tbilisi Business Centre, a government building will neighbour the Bank of Georgia, a concrete masterpiece from the Soviet era.

Contrasting the concrete, heavy, yet inventive Bank of Georgia, the new Tbilisi Business Centre will be a light, glassy, business centre.

Inspired by the Colkhetian gold temple whose spiral rings dated back to the 5th century BC, each storey of the 16-storied Tbilisi Business Centre appears as a disk, which is set about a vertical axis rising in a spiral.

Adding more to the architectural grandeur, the building will be clad in solar control glass. One floor cantilevers out, where it will form a balcony as well as provide some solar shade for the floor beneath.

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