Put a spring in your step

These 3D printed shoes use shock absorption to fuse fashion and technology

There has been a variety of 3D printed designs coming into the commercial sector over the last year with all the advances in technology, but these 'springy' shoes are particularly distinctive.

Inspired by the natural movement of the foot and muscle structure, these shoes have been designed with a spring heel that acts as a shock absorber.

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Designer Neta Soreq was influenced by her passion for fusing technology with design, along with her studies in fashion at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

The concept recognises active people with physiotherapy support in mind, but combines a fashion aesthetic.


Lightweight at 220-330g per shoes, the design is crafted from nylon12 and the soles printed in photopolymer to prevent friction with the floor.

The shoes were constructed by scanning a shoe tree to act as the base. Much like a sculptor, Soreq was able to model and shape her shoe on the computer using SolidWorks 3D software.

Fusing traditional methods for crafting shoes with technological advances in computer and 3D printing, Soreq fashioned her designs in a 'tech-couture'-style process.

Soreq completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in August 2015, where the shoes 'Energetic Pass' was her final project.


More information and where to buy 3D printed shoes.

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