Not Just a Man's Game: Creating a Womancave

It's not just the men in our lives that might need some space and somewhere to relax - women may need a cave of their own. We look at the top tips to create the perfect space for women to unwind.

The lesser known counterpart to a 'Mancave', the 'Womancave' or 'She Shed' is a fantastic idea for women who want to get some space. However, there are a few general misconceptions about what a Womancave really is - not all women love pinks and frills. In fact, the Womancave works best as a blank canvas which moulds to an individual's personality.

It’s your space – where you work, dream, think, imagine and relax. There is no formulaic, predetermined concept of what it has to be; this room can become a sanctuary, full of the things you love. But, for those wanting a little help getting started, here are a few top tips:

Make it an extension of you

A Womancave a space that should be comfortable, so make sure that it doesn't become too foreign with the design choices. Dress the interior in objects that you hold dear; favourite colours; and accessories that define your hobbies. Another approach is to turn one of the walls into a gallery of your favourite artwork and photographs. If you like to crochet, then bring in a recliner and a basket full of wool. If you love to paint, set up an easel and canvas. Never forget that this place is all you, and thus, your personality should be the very foundation of its design. You can always get accessories online if you need inspiration.

Create a relaxing ambiance

If this room is supposed to be a get-away, make sure it has a soothing ambiance. The interior should be designed in a way that should soothe frazzled nerves. The most important aspects to deliver such an environment are the colour scheme, materials and lighting. Depending on the combination of these three elements, the interior should become a truly relaxing space. However, there are no hard and fast rules for selecting these three components. Choose colours and lighting schemes that mirror what type of space you want this to become. 

A healing touch

Of course, retrofitting an entire spa in a single room may sound like a pipe dream, but you can still bring in small touches of comfort that will make the Womancave as relaxing as a spa. If your budget allows, install and massage chair, or use aromatherapy and play soft music to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Having a dimmer to control the intensity of light can also help set the right mood. These small touches can go a long way in creating an atmosphere that is truly healing, away from the stress and drama of every day life. 

Bring in your projects

Aside from being a sanctuary, a Womancave can also be a place where you can focus on your hobbies and passions in some peace and quiet. If this is what your Womancave will be used for, make sure that the layout of this space compliments your projects. If you like stitching, then set up a work table with a stitching machine. If you love writing, then set up a study nook to write that next bestseller. If you love reading, then create a small library. Think about the things that inspire you; the possibilities are always endless.

Choose your style

Not an extension of the house, your Womancave should mirror your interests - so its interior design style can vary from that of the rest of the home. If you like to surround yourself with comfortable clutter and artsy vibes, then the Bohemian style can work. On the other hand, if you prefer to be organised, try minimalism or modernism.  For those who are more traditional, try a neo-classical, raj or modern Islamic interior. Whatever style you choose completely depends on your personal choice and ideas.

Don’t forget nature

Nature and landscaping always a relaxing effect on one’s surroundings. Biophilia is trending branch of interior design and architecture, and it can certainly help create a more naturally cognizant space. If the room has a window, use the window-sill to grow some tiny cacti or succulents. If looking after plats seems too much of a hassle, even a simple view of the garden can create a sense of piece in the space. If you are planning to renovate, think about dismantle one wall to install a French window. If none of these ideas fit your space, perhaps think about adding paintings or photographs of landscapes to open up the space.

Guest post by Andrea Boffo

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