New stylish home lifts are rising to the top

A home lift was historically a niche product for the super-rich but a company is breaking new ground in design and technology with a range of unique products for almost any size home.

Stiltz Lifts offer homeowners the chance to integrate a beautiful and stylish lift into their houses – and for an achievable price of around £12,000. 

The Stiltz Home Lift is a new innovative lifestyle product which transforms a home into a contemporary space providing users with a simple and easy of transferring between the floors of their home freely, with no limitations.

“A home lift ensures your home will evolve with your needs,” said marketing manager Yola Mealing. “Some of our customers invest in a Stiltz Home Lift because the stairs are becoming too much or they are looking to ‘future proof’ their home for potential use in later life so they never have to move again.”

With a self-supporting design, the domestic lift can be located virtually anywhere in the home as it does not require load bearing walls or any other structural changes as it travels on twin rails. The lift plugs straight into a standard 13 amp plug socket with no need for hydraulics.  

The Stiltz Home Lift has a compact footprint so saves on valuable floorspace and it arrives in modular sections, so is ultra-flexible to transport and move into place. The only work required is a small opening in the ceiling for the domestic lift to pass through, with a standard typical application taking as little as a couple of hours.

Travelling smoothly between floors in under 30 seconds, the lift naturally excels from a technical standpoint, but its refined design completes the package. With an airy, semi-transparent surround and atmospheric LED downlights, Stiltz lifts look sophisticated and elegant.

Engineered for maximum efficiency and comfort, Stiltz, whose products are sold around the world including in the USA, Canada and Australia, has produced a lift which is quiet and discreet but can also take centre-stage in the home.

When the lift is located upstairs it virtually ‘disappears’ leaving only two slim discreet rails. A small section of upper level flooring, fixed to the lid of the lift, ensures that the clean lines of flooring upstairs remain unaffected when the home lift is downstairs.

With more and more homeowners looking to install domestic lifts in their houses whether it be to improve their lifestyle, for mobility reasons or ‘future proofing’ their home, it appears the only way is up.

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