New Facebook logo 2015

Did you notice the new change?

Unnoticed by many, Facebook has changed its logo and is now using a different font.

The adjustment rolled out overnight, with the new logo being used from July 1, 2015.

Key differences between the two are the 'a' and 'b' letters. The 'a' was originally a double-story 'a' and is now single-story, while the 'b' has a more refined shape and traditional stem. Additionally, the overall type is thinner than the previous.

The font used for the original logo in 2005 was from the sans-serif family - a Klavika typeface designed by Eric Olson of typeface designer company Process Type Foundry in 2004. The new custom typeface has been crafted by the in-house design team in collaboration with Olson.

"Now that we are established, we set out to modernize the logo to make it feel more friendly and approachable," said Josh Higgins, Facebook's creative director, in an interview with Brand New.


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