Moleskine notebooks that can save handwritten notes digitally

Moleskine, the maker of fine notebooks, has teamed up with 'smartpen' company Livescribe, to create a range of notebooks that allow you to save your handwritten notes as digital files

Inspiration is fleeting and great ideas need to be captured before they vanish back into the ether. When it comes to getting ideas down quickly, old-fashioned pen and paper still wins over digital technology, but a new collaboration between notebookmaker Moleskine and 'smartpen' company Livescribe has combined the pleasures of using pen and paper with the advantages (think saving and emailing your notes) of digital technology.


Moleskine has designed a new series of notebooks which work with Livescribe smartpens to capture and transfer notes and images from paper to a computer or mobile device, giving you the ability to access your ideas whenever you need them.


As well as allowing you to transfer your handwritten notes from paper to screen, the new notebooks can also use Livescribe smartpens to record audio linked to written notes, and can even tag and flag items simply by tapping the on-page icons with the tip of the smartpen.


The Livescribe Notebooks by Moleskine are available in the same classic designs that have made Moleskine notebooks among the most fashionable and desirable stationary, such as the trademark rounded corners and ribbon bookmark, elastic closure and the 'In case of loss, please return to...' label on the flyleaf.


The Livescribe versions include an expandable inner pocket containing two bookmarks printed with smartpen buttons and controls. The paper is ivory-colored and acid-free, providing a clean, crisp surface for artists, writers, teachers, students and professionals to seamlessly incorporate their notes, sketches or drawings with their digital devices.


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