Making an entrance with Coral

An effective entrance flooring system is fundamental when it comes to modern building design says Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems.

No matter what your project, whether it is hospitality, offices, education or retail, an effective entrance flooring system is fundamental when it comes to the interior design, not only for creating a good first impression but also from a health and safety perspective. Here, Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems explains more...

People do not stop to effectively wipe their feet properly before entering a building, which results in both dirt and moisture being tracked into the interior. This can have a detrimental effect on the interior floor finishes, not to mention creating a potential slip hazard on hard floors for those that use the building. This problem is particularly acute in entrances subjected to daily heavy footfall and wheel tread traffic.

If you really want to keep buildings clean and safe, it is not enough to just put down an entrance mat in front of the door. In fact, this should be controlled by installing a well-designed and effective entrance flooring system, to ensure that all occupants within a building, including employees and visitors, enjoy a safe transition through the entrance. The WELL Building Standard® also recommends the use of entrance matting as an important tool to reduce pollutants entering the building.

The British Standard 7953:1999 states that an entrance flooring system is necessary in order to reduce the risk of slip injuries, prolong the life of the interior floor finish as well as reduce cleaning, repair and overall maintenance costs. As research shows that soil and moisture traipsed in from the soles of shoes and wheeled traffic accounts for up to 95% of the dirt tracked in to a building, an effective entrance flooring system will help to keep floors and premises looking clean and presentable year in, year out.

The industry recommendation is to use at least three metres of an entrance flooring system for light use areas and up to seven metres for busy entrance areas. The general rule is the more matting used, the more effective the entrance flooring system is at preventing dirt and moisture from entering a building.

As the international market leading textile entrance flooring brand, Forbo Flooring Systems’ Coral entrance flooring offers more choice than ever before with attractive and sustainable clean-off systems in styles and constructions to suit all applications, budgets and aesthetic requirements. Whether facing rain, snow, sand or soil, it keeps the outside from getting inside. In fact, testing by Cleaning Research International has shown that Coral can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture from entering a building, with each m2 of Coral able to remove up to 5kg or 6 litres of water, which in turn can reduce the time spent cleaning interior floor coverings by up to 65%.

The Coral collection comprises eight individual ranges and has been designed to interact with various soiling behaviour as every entrance is a unique environment. For example, Coral Brush is the great all-rounder, as it is suitable for all types of entrance flooring areas, absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling as the weather demands. Coral Click is an exceptionally versatile ‘off the shelf’ modular matting system that can be assembled on site, meanwhile, Coral Logo offers the capability to create bespoke prints that can be tailored to a client’s precise design specification, offering individuality and a unique point of difference.

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