It’s raining holographic mylar and monofilament in LA

High in the sky is a sea of delicate silver strands rippling over Pershing Square and casting moving subtle shadows over pedestrians who pass underneath.

The Los Angeles-based artist Patrick Shearn has designed a ‘liquid shard’ above the city of Angel’s Pershing Square. Created in collaboration with Now Art LA and installed by art collective Poetic Kinetics as one in a series of temporary outdoor installations, the 15,000-square feet wide public sculpture rises from 15 to 115ft above ground level.

Video provided by @noelslaw

The installation is made from holographic mylar and monofilament, and oscillates gently in the wind, creating a glittering silver wave reminiscent of a time-lapse video.

The ‘liquid shard’ has been designed to be viewed both from the ground looking up to the sky, and from the surrounding offices. It has immediately become a hit with thousands of posts already on social media. The exhibit is part of an on-going effort by the city of Los Angeles to support public art displays.

Video provided by @poetickinetics

Shearn hopes that the intervention allows onlookers to relax and acknowledge the peaceful wind that gently transforms the piece as it ripples and shimmers in the air.


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