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There was the action to bring about Energy Island in my lifetime, says Alex Michaelis of Michaelis Boyd

I imagine a day when the world’s largest natural solar collector, the sea, is used to create electricity and desalinated water in the abundance needed by humanity, without the waste products of other energy sources.

OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) – or a hybrid of the embryonic energy – I think will be the answer. Energy Island would be an island that has OTEC at its core but would harvest all possible energy sources in tandem.

The island would act as a loading and docking bay for container ships and contain wind turbines, solar panels, cold crop farms fed by nutrients from the depths, and fish farms below the island platform.

I believe that Energy Island is an ideal that can be realised in our lifetime. I want to live in world without drought and without warming, and I believe that action is needed to bring change and turn the tide against fossil fuels.

Alex Michaelis
Alex Michaelis is the co-founder of Michaelis Boyd, an award-winning architecture practice established in 1995. Michaelis Boyd is a design led practice with a reputation for simple, elegant architecture.

Alex Michaelis. Photo Credit: Ed ReevePhoto Credit: Ed Reeve

Alex’s portfolio includes both residential and luxury commercial projects such as the Groucho Club and the award-winning Sandibe Lodge in Botswana.

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