If Only...

Every generation could work under the same roof, says Ben Gillam of Thirdway Interiors

The majority of the UK workplace is made up of millennials, who are displaying contrasting cultures and seeking diverse office environments. Looking beyond these cultural differences, how can we help all generations work together and embrace the changing office environment?

Starting from the most common criticism from the ‘older’ generation – ‘working’ remotely (emphasis on the inverted commas). Working remotely is a proven plus for a lot of companies’ productiveness, so let’s make it measurable for SMT and ensure their return on investment.

If only every e-mail sent or letter typed remotely could be captured and converted to electrical power. This would lower overhead costs and revolutionise remote working.

Turning our attention to the office radio, it is said that music makes the world go round, a term coined by the non-millennial singing duo Hamilton Brothers. An office jukebox can bring every walk of life together – it is certainly a hot topic in our office – PCs with anonymous music queuing systems can shield embarrassment and educate every generation.

Ben Gillam

Ben Gillam

Ben Gillam is the owner of ThirdWay Interiors

He founded the company more than seven years ago and has worked on a variety of commercial spaces in London. From small start-ups to large corporates, ThirdWay Interiors design and build innovative and diverse work space in the UK. Recent projects include Transferwise and HelloFresh headquarters in Shoreditch. ThirdWay Interiors was recently named the second-best UK company to work for by The Sunday Times’ Best Companies to Work For list. Based in Farringdon, ThirdWay Interiors employs some 70 people.

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