Esther May Campbell to present Water Salad on Monday Photographic Exhibition

Bafta winning film maker Esther May Cambell has put down her video camera to try her hand at photography.

In an immersive show called Water Salad on Monday, Campbell captures life on Bristolian Elm Tree Farm a unique farm that is a little piece of country in the city.

The exhibition, supported by Arts Council England, invites guests to embark on a treasure hunt to locate black and white photographs pinned to various surfaces around the farm and explore the beautiful setting at the same time.

Elm Tree Farm sits on a 47-acre site and is a working farm. It is a thriving social enterprise and acts as a care farm providing support and training to adults with learning disabilities and autism as part of, a leading learning disability charity, Brandon Trust.

The farm is home to animals, volunteers, carers and adults with disabilities, the Water Salad on Monday exhibition captures the everyday life of these people.

Campbell said:

“I am interested in exploring the potential for transformation through the act of caring itself, while documenting carers - work that is so often overlooked or undervalued. The farm is a beautiful and inspirational place. The faces and the people are weathered and tender. Understanding and nurturing community and care is crucial and Water Salad On Monday seeks to investigate these qualities in photographic form.”

To create the project Campbell lived for a year in situ on the farm and as a result, her images include themes of life and death, harvest, growth, mud and laughter.

Intimate portraits of faces who work on the farm can be found amongst the chickens, apples and fruit on the farm. Campbell has laid out the exhibition so that visitors are truly immersed in farm life, just as her subjects are.

Campbell’s photos are captured in a sensitive style that blurs the line between reality and fiction. The images capture moments where the subject is unaware and exposes the life-affirming hotbed of care, compassion and graft that is the foundation of the farm.

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