Dataflex desktop accessory range fits today’s work lifestyle

Dataflex has recently launched Addit Bento®, a family of ergonomic desktop accessories designed for the way we work today. With an elegant design inspired by the Japanese lunchbox, Bento turns any on-the-go work environment into a stylish, well-organised, comfortable workstation.

Dataflex used Orgatec 2016, the work environment trade fair, to showcase its concept for a new family of ergonomic desktop accessories. With a name and design inspired by the Japanese lunchbox, the Bento concept received much praise and positive feedback from a knowledgeable Orgatec public. Feedback that Dataflex put to good use, fine-tuning and refining Bento into a carefully thought-through final product that succeeds on every level: ergonomically, aesthetically and organisationally.

The way we work has changed
For Bento, Dataflex collaborated with Dutch designer, Robert Bronwasser. The brief was to reimagine some of Dataflex’s most popular desktop accessories to make them more relevant to today’s world.

“While designing the Bento series, we got inspired by how neatly a Japanese lunchbox lets you organise, store and carry your lunch for work,” recalls designer, Robert Bronwasser. “So we applied that concept to an ergonomic product, and that’s how the Addit Bento got its name.”

Whether it’s working from home or on the train, hot-desks or scrum rooms. Contemporary on-the-go work lifestyles are blurring the boundaries of what defines a workspace. Dataflex has simply responded to this new reality. With a range of desktop accessories specifically designed to make any impromptu workspace ergonomically sound, physically uncluttered and pleasing to the eye.

“In a world of clean-desk policies, homeworking and the like,” explains Dataflex’s Tijs Horn, “we realised tomorrow’s ergonomic product not only has to be suitable for a wide range of devices and work practices. You also want to be able to store and carry round your tools and personal items.”

Ergonomics for today’s - and tomorrow’s - working lifestyle
Research shows that nearly 7 out of 10 office workers suffer from the negative physical effects of poor ergonomics. A problem only exacerbated by being forced to adopt poor posture when working in ever-changing, improvised work settings. But Bento ergonomic desktop accessories are designed to ensure a healthy body posture whether you’re using a monitor, laptop or tablet, or even good old-fashioned paper or notebooks. The Bento Monitor Stands do that by raising your monitor to eye-level. While the Bento toolbox lets the user tilt their device to 1 of 4 ergonomic settings for the optimal posture for your body.

The less-is-more product range
The Addit Bento product series consists of just a Toolbox and Monitor Stands. That may not seem like a long list, until you consider that the toolbox is actually 4 products in one: notebook stand, tablet stand, in-line document holder and a storage box that organises, stores and carries all your personal items.

The Monitor Stands keep your monitor stable and your desk scratch-free. And because Dataflex have made maximum use of every last centimetre, the Monitor Stand also serves as a handy storage space for the Bento toolbox!

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