Combining modern luxury with sustainable home design

We offer tips and inspiration for creating comfortable, luxurious interiors without negatively affecting the environment.

When it comes to redesigning an interior space, combining luxurious elements with sustainable, planet-friendly solutions is a concept that shouldn’t complicate plans, but instead become the inspiration for new design techniques. From stylish and sustainable flooring to transterior spaces, this article offers tips and guidance for creating beautifully luxurious spaces without sacrificing any eco-credentials. Whatever the size or style of the design, here you’ll find the inspiration for creating a home design tailored towards comfort, luxury and style - all while prioritising the preservation of our incredible planet.

Consider transterior spaces

Open-plan spaces that blur the lines between interior and exterior are the epitome of luxury, easily transforming a standard room into a vibrant and creative area suited to families and guests alike. However, this popular trend can also be a bold and beautiful way to achieve a stylish, environmentally friendly zone.

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Make use of skylights or French doors to flood the room with natural light and create an airy feel, while also ensuring these are the last places in the home to need artificial light. This saves money and helps keep light pollution to a minimum. Additionally, invest in extravagant, striking plants; place these in artistic pots and position them in areas of the home that transcend into the garden. By including plants, flowers and shrubbery into various communal rooms, air quality is improved while keeping design at the forefront of the space.

Fit flooring that lasts

Arguably the most important factor when looking at a home’s effort towards eco-consciousness is their structural capacity for longevity. After all, the longer a particular element of the property lasts, the less sourcing, extracting, transportation (and the harmful byproducts that are created as a result of this), and money spent on replacing them with further materials.

When it comes to ensuring the very foundations of the property are planet-friendly, a good place to start is at the floor. Given the industrial interior trend that’s taken the recent years by storm, using polished concrete as a sustainable choice in place of wooden floorboards is an incredibly stylish option that can be adapted over the years. What’s more, concrete is incredibly durable, recyclable and has heating and cooling properties that are incredibly energy efficient - saving time and money while retaining the home’s high-end style. 

Build a beautiful bathroom

As the hub of any contemporary home, it’s worth concentrating design efforts on the practical, communal areas where all family members can experience the benefits of environmentally-friendly interiors.

When it comes to transforming a bathroom into a luxurious, green space, minimalism is often key. To push forward a premium look, opt for fixtures and fittings that feel luxurious - think sleek, motion-sensored taps and sparkling LED light fittings, porcelain sinks and marble surfaces. Not only do these look fabulous, but they also boast good energy-efficiency and durability.

Future-proof the kitchen

The kitchen is a busy area of the home that both family and friends are likely to spend a large portion of time in. When it comes to designing an awe-inspiring kitchen space, ensuring this room looks chic and sophisticated is a must.

An easy way to coordinate a kitchen interior with eco-friendly attributes is to invest in long-lasting, sustainable materials, as well as new, energy-efficient kitchen appliances that won’t jeopardise the luxury aesthetic. For instance, opting for a hard-wearing granite worktop that boasts timeless style will instantly create a glamorous yet under-stated impression in your interior - and it’s also a hard-wearing, practical surface that will withstand years of use.

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