Changing Your World: Best Tech Gadgets from CES 2017

The quirkiest tech revolutionising the way we live.

CES in Las Vegas hosts the world’s most innovative and inspiring technology of today.

The annual show attracts over 150,000 people a year and welcomes more than 3,800 exhibitors from around the world to showcase their new products. This year, CES runs from 5th through to 8 January.  

‘What an incredible way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CES – with the largest show floor in our history showcasing the next generation of innovation that will revolutionise our world,’ said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA.

‘The products and services unveiled at CES 2017 will touch nearly every single global industry. From the latest in virtual reality, smart home, self-driving vehicles, robotics, wearables, health and fitness tech and more, CES 2017 is unveiling the future of the connected experience and what it means for consumers around the world.’

Here are our top picks of the CES show’s quirkiest gadgets so far:

Floating Speakers 

This 360-degree speaker hovers in mid-air, over a base called the 'Levitation Station', which contains electromagnets that keep the speakers in mid-air. Given the size, the sound and bass is said to be impressive. And don’t worry, once the battery life runs out the speakers descend onto the base and charge wirelessly with no interruption to music. 

The Sleep Number 360

This could be the answer to all of our sleep woes. The Sleep Number 360 helps users go to sleep soundly and comfortably by sensing movements and adjusting your position while you sleep. What’s more, it even helps warm up your feet before bed and raises your head to prevent loud, heavy snoring.

Smart Hair Brush

The world’s first smart hair brush, the Hair Coach, created by beauty giant L’Oreal and tech company, Withlings contains a range of sensors to detect hair damage and provides feedback to users on how to take care and improve their tresses.

Anti-Pollution Scarf

Cyclists can enjoy the freshest of air from this anti-pollution scarf, which houses a built-in filtration mask that protects wearers from toxic city air. Furthermore, the scarf also faciialtes cyclists by sending notifications to their iPhone, letting them know when they need to put on the mask and when they're heading into highly polluted areas.

The Smart Cane

This nifty gadget for the elderly learns user's habits and detects if a user is in need of help, as well as, tracking their whereabouts. Alerts can be sent to carers or family so you can have peace of mind.

Virtual Reality Shoes

Japanese firm, Cerevo, have designed the Taclim VR shoes which allows you to interact using your feet through virtual reality. Vibrations give users a real sense of walking on the surfaces they see, taking VR to a whole new level.

Smarter FridgeCam

Nope, it’s not to find out who’s eaten your food. The FridgeCam detects which food you have stored inside and is able to recommend recipes for you to cook. It also keeps track of expiry dates and notifies you if something is running out. One less thing to worry about. 


This cutting edge helmets promotes hair growth through a combination of red laser and LED light. You’ll have to commit to regular use, but it’s an affordable solution to baldness and plays music to keep you entertained.

Vibrating Hotpants

The Spinali Design shorts help users navigate through cities with ease by vibrator when users need to turn right or left. The products also vibrates when users receive a text message or call taking away the need to keep checking your smart phone.

Which ones are your favourite? Let us know @designcurial! 

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