Capturing the Sounds of Earth – as pictures

Instead of showing ‘the sights’ from around the world, a new campaign has been launched featuring sounds from some of Earth’s most magnificent destinations.

The sounds of some of Earth’s most remarkable locations are often forgotten when visitors are lost in the visual wonder of the destination – but these noises can often be just as captivating and inspiring as the views. NeoMam Studios, commissioned by Expedia, have found a unique way of bringing these two elements together by visualising the sound waves into photographs of several exceptional destinations, from around the world.

Offering a new angle to look at these eleven iconic locations, the photographs certainly are poetry in motion – have a look at them all below!

To hear the sound waves in full, follow this link to the original article.

Sahara Desert (Algeria)

Sound: Breeze blowing, sand shifting over the dunes

New York City (USA)

Sound: Symphony of traffic, hubbub of city life

Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)

Sound: Bird and frog calls, morning in the rainforest

Kruger National Park (South Africa)

Sound: The King of the Jungle, a lion’s roar

Yellowstone National Park (USA)

Sound: Geysers and hot springs, water from below

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Sound: A not-so peaceful seaside, a family of sea lions

Cape Tribulation (Australia)

Sound: Birdcalls and crickets, where the rainforest meets the ocean

Bwindi National Park (Uganda)

Sound: Mountain gorillas call, walking through the forest

Algarve (Portugal)

Sound: A peaceful melody, waves on the shore

Vatnajökull (Iceland)

Sound: A bird’s call, flying around the glacier

Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Sound: Monks at prayer, echoing in the hall

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