Associative Design presents ‘The Best of Portugal’ at the London Design Fair

Associative Design is a venture conceived by the Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries (AIMMP). Given the burgeoning interest in and demand for design made in Portugal, Associative Design is actively promoting Portuguese brands and products, placing them at the centre of the most discerning and distinguished international design markets. With a firm emphasis on integration, Associative Design aims to enhance the overall quality, innovation and design contributions made by Portuguese brands globally.

Top picture - Bruno Tables by Tema Home

The United Kingdom is a renowned global leader in the creative industries and London makes an especially strong contribution to the country’s diverse and vibrant creative landscape. More and more, the UK market is embracing the novelty of Portuguese design - indeed, it is the fastest growing market for design made in Portugal. For this reason, Associative Design chose the London Design Fair, with its fresh, inventive and progressive approach, as the ideal stage from which to introduce its concept to design professionals, authorities and devotees.

At the London Design Fair, Associative Design will present a number of companies working with a young generation of designers and a few established designers aligned with the brand vision. Visitors can expect an expertly curated and diverse mix of Portuguese design, innovation and technology. Creative furniture, lighting and design objects will each share a harmonious blend of functional, sustainable, modern and aesthetic design attributes.

Looking forward to Associative Design’s London Design Fair show, curator Salete Peixinho explains: ‘We selected designers and brands because they represent the new blood flowing at the heart of today’s Portuguese design industry - they are responsible for a change that’s taking place, where the Portuguese industry is at the forefront of international trends. Associative Design aims to support and push companies that share its vision, taking their products further into exciting new markets.’

SLIM chair by Christophe de Sousa

Designers and brands at Associative Design

&blanc is a collection of eight small, unique and functional accessories, including a clock, candlestick and bottle holder. Each piece is made with Corian®, the high-tech surface material from DuPont™. Created by five Portuguese designers - Miguel Flores Soeiro (Art Director), Marco Sousa Santos, Toni Grilo, Gonçalo Campos and Daniel Vieira - &blanc showcases the creative potential of Corian® in combination with fine Portuguese design. At Alma de Luce, a refined combination of noble materials, craftsmanship and design work harmoniously together, imbuing unique furniture pieces with soul and emotion. Alma de Luce will present its striking Poncelau dinner table, designed by Helena and Carlos Costa. Furniture brand Bateye believes that any piece of furniture should have three particular attributes: the ability to provoke, stimulate and seduce. To achieve these attributes, the company takes creative risks and invests in skilled artisans. Bateye will show its Grace Console and Cask Mirror - designed by Marco Sousa, Cask is a unique handmade structure is finished in copper.

Growing up in both France and Portugal, French–Portuguese designer Christophe de Sousa’s varied experiences and cultural perspectives serve as a base of influence. Christophe’s ability to convey emotion through an object is a singular driving force. He will present his SLIM chair, a minimal and elegant seat, with simple lines and contours. A trademark of DAAO Architecture and Design, DAAO Concepts is a Portuguese furniture collection that prioritises function over purely decorative forms: it believes that function generates form. DAAO Concepts will present its Modules Bookcase #22 and #77, designed by Danilo Olim. Established in 2013, DAM creates high quality furniture and accessories that combine tradition with modern-day innovation. Inspired by everyday Portuguese culture, DAM’s products seek to engage emotions and heighten quality of life. DAM will show the Pipo stool - a reference to a traditional wooden wine barrel - and the Flora coffee tables - a reference to the flowers we might give to those we love. Both designs are by Hugo Silva and Joana Santos.

L to R: Pipo Stool by DAM, Gencork and X2 Bookshelf by Wewood

Once a small family-owned woodworking workshop, DeFontes expanded over the years and now offers a custom-made approach to its customers. More than just a furniture maker, DeFontes has forged relationships with companies that embrace interior architecture and product design, to offer an all-round service. It will present the decorative Roos lamp. The DOME Group has manufactured high-end kitchen furniture for more than twenty-five years, with distinctive designs produced by celebrated designers and architects. The colourful, all-inclusive D2 Bretel kitchen module, designed by Giulio Lacchetti, will be on display. Elaborate, inventive and flamboyant, the designs created by Fertini Casa epitomise opulence and a sense of grandeur. With gold, pearls and Swarovski Crystals, leathers, lacquering and much sparkle, Fertini Casa seeks to create chic and glamorous spaces. Its Leopard piano, by designer Samuele Mazza, is certain to grab attention.

Gencork explores the interaction between a natural material (cork) and high-tech digital fabrication processes. Its entirely natural and sustainable expanded cork agglomerate optimises the thermal and acoustic properties of cork, and adds an artistic perspective to traditional walls. Gencork will present several designs by architectural office and creative lab DIGITALAB. An inherent part of Portuguese culture, Cork is a natural and renewable resource. LikeCork, a home furniture and accessories brand, creates innovative, eco-friendly cork pieces that honour the spirit of Portuguese traditions. LikeCork will present the Balance chair and table by Sandra Louro. Established in 2014 by interiors architect Nuno Rodrigues, Stabörd is an expression of the designer’s personality and love for design. Based in Porto, Stabörd’s product portfolio is locally produced by Portuguese artisans—this approach maximises quality control, while minimising the brand’s ecological footprint. Several pieces by Nuno Rodrigues will be on show including the S4 chairs.

L to R Poncelau table by Alma de Luce and Cask Mirror by Bateye

Working with some of Portugal’s most respected designers, TemaHome creates aesthetic, modern and lasting furniture pieces and accessories. TemaHome will exhibit the geometrically-patterned Arrow side table and coffee table by Nádia Soares, alongside the playful Bruno coffee table and side table by Rodolphe Catellani. The objects designed by That Place tell a story of beauty and passion, exploring the concepts of fluidity, simplicity and functionality. That Place will display the Memmo collection and Moonchair by designer Lígia Soromenho. Founded in Lisbon in 2016, UPA Kids designs furniture that grows as children grow. With five adjustable levels, the well-made, sustainable birch plywood UPA Desk and Chair will accompany a young child into his or her adult life. Wewood was established in 2010, and is the result of work by the research and development office of Móveis Carlos Alfredo (a manufacturer of solid wood furniture since 1964) and a careful selection of new talented designers. At Wewood, high-end joinery is an intrinsic component of the brand’s superlative solid wood furniture. Wewood will present the imaginative X2 bookshelf, created by designer Laurindo Marta.

L to R D2 Bretel kitchen by DOME Group and Leopard piano by Fertini Casa

Associative Design presents ‘The Best of Portugal’ at the London Design Fair
Floor 2 / Hall S3 / Stand 5,6 & 7
Date: 21-24 September 2017
Location: Old Truman Brewery, 26 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR, UK

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