DesignCurial in conversation: Florian Wupperfeld

Florian Wupperfeld is an art lover, an explorer and a culture addict. He is also the founder of Leading Culture Destinations, a company changing the face of tourism one museum at a time.

Leading Culture Destinations can be divided into two main areas. The first is a Business to Consumer travel business where the company offers travellers authentic travel experiences and access to some of the most exotic and unique cultural destinations. The second part of the brand is the Leading Culture Destinations Awards, a consumer campaign which shines a light on the most established and emerging culture destinations.

Wupperfeld describes himself as a ‘cultural nomad.’ He notes how he got inspiration for Leading Culture Destinations after attending the international art fair, Art Basel, in Miami.

“About 300,000 visitors come to Miami spending an average of $3,000 in four days on accommodation and Food and bedding alone. And if one wants to book it its very fragmented, there is really nobody offering packages for ‘cultural nomads’” Wupperfeld said.

Wupperfeld’s main goal is to give culture more exposure in the travel channel .

“I always felt that a new hotel in the Maldives gets so much more exposure than a great new museum - even though more people might travel there than to an exclusive beach hotel with 25 rooms.” He said.

The Etihad Museum, Dubai

When it comes to the Culture Destinations Awards, the brand has seen a lot of success with a number of companies embracing its vision:

“The biggest moment [for us] was last year’s Awards, where our team did a fantastic job but then our partners i.e. tourism boards, cities and museums also really embraced our vision and campaign and they helped elevate the entire awards reach and concept.  They really pushed the message out through their channels and we reached not only 50m people like in 2015 but 250m+ people through various media channels and outlets.” Said Wupperfeld.

With such a successful brand, we were keen to find out where Wupperfeld gets his inspiration but he is quick to dismiss the idea.

Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon

“I am not an inspiration guy, but an innovation guy,” he said.

“I think inspiration is a bit over rated and can be distracting, it’s more important to be able to take inspiration and do something with it.”

Wupperfeld is creating an entire new strain of tourism which he dubs ‘culture tourism,’ drawing from art, technology, music or places to create an entirely new experience for his clients.

MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Thailand

This sense of innovation is at the heart of everything Wupperfeld turns his hand to.

“In the past decade or so, luxury was associated to price and accessibility, but I think luxury is really about quality, uniqueness or authenticity.” He said.

When discussing the future of art and design Wupperfeld sees a place for Leading Culture Destinations.

“I think cultural tourism will grow since ‘culture' means authenticity and ‘lifestyle' is rather exchangeable and contrived. The modern traveller really wants unique, localised culture experiences after being globalised through brands in the past 50 years.” Said Wupperfeld.


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