Actiu’s TNK Flex seating, awarded with the German Design Award

Actiu’s TNK Flex seating, awarded with the German Design Award

The TNK Flex task seating created by the company, Actiu, a leader in the furniture industry for work and contract spaces, has received one of the most prestigious awards in the design world—the German Design Award—awarded by the German Ministry of Economy and Technology.
This accolade accredits the added value afforded by the TNK Flex’s design, executive task seating with high-performance technology, designed by Alegre Design.
The German Design Award panel, formed by renowned architects and designers, academics and entrepreneurs connected to the world of design, assess the selected products in accordance with criteria including the general concept, design quality, innovation, aesthetics, functionality, ease of use, sustainability, profitability, technical quality, durability and production techniques, among others. This award, a benchmark in the sector for office seating, is a special honour given that the German Design Council itself chooses the products to be evaluated and they are subsequently awarded following impartial, professional analysis.

 “This award is proof of Actiu’s commitment to design, which has led to the National Design Award, by top level designers such as Alegre Design. It is an honour and recognition of the good work by being recognised by such a prestigious competition as this one, which applies strict German market standards, and is a benchmark in the office seating sector”, explained the company.
Technological features
TNK Flex is executive task seating with high-performance technology which is expected to meet the user’s needs in an intuitive way, by adapting itself to the morphology and movements of the human body, while adjusting the spine and the seat as if it were a second skin. It combines features, quality, ergonomics, design and competitiveness.
It offers breakthrough ergonomic performance, as it straightens up and supports the spine automatically with every movement, without the user having to activate any mechanism.
“In a society that is constantly changing and where adaptations must be made in record timing, ergonomic furniture has become a more integrated tool within the current working environment which must facilitate good ergonomic habits. Furniture which adds and does not subtract, which has a positive influence on health, effectiveness and the quality of work undertaken by the user”, commented Marcelo Alegre.
TNK Flex is underpinned by and based on technology that is used in lorry driving cabs, a suspended seat that provides a feeling of being weighed down.

The area in contact with the user is equipped with air chambers in the seat’s foam, an innovation applied to office seating that boosts compression and decompression, so that the seat supports, absorbs and adapts its shape to the user’s specific needs, creating a feeling of balance and wellbeing.
The seat is the point from which the user is supported by a completely adaptable back, (height, tilt, torsion) that interprets the user’s movements and pre-empts them, which leads to total freedom of movement during their daily work, while maintaining correct posture and maximum efficiency at all times.

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