Tsar Carpets new UK showroom

Mike Constable, New UK Director previews some of the items soon to appear in the new UK showroom with this "Enhance Your Mood & Space | Design Unwind Recap" and offers some wise words on the Covid-19 situation


“Q: If the world suffered devastating damage such as a war, what could designers like us do for the people? What would you want to do?

A:The easy answer would be to keep them dreaming. Creation is the oxygen of life. We would probably want to help the reconstruction, by rebuilding the dreams and hope, the will to come back to a “normal” life where people want to get dressed, go to work, party and enjoy life.”
--Interview with designer Martin Margiela in unknown Japanese magazine 1998

Design Unwind

Today, we bring you visual mood enhancers from our latest collaborative installation with leading interior companies Byzantine Design and Arthur G.

As we update to the new normal and spend our days indoors, the impact of our surroundings is becoming more significant, particularly on our state of mind and well-being. Our installation explores four design principles intended to positively enhance our mood and ultimately improve life in our built environments.

We hope our research and designs can offer a peaceful reprieve, some hope and inspiration during this uncertain time.

Design Unwind Principles:

#1Biophilic Design focuses on our innate connection to natural features that reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates whilst improving cognitive function.

We utilised natural light, colours, materials such as NZ wool, hemp and linen as well as plants to create a calming restorative environment.

#2 Tactile stimulation triggers oxytocin, the love hormone and lowers cortisol levels, reducing anxiety and stress.

We incorporated stimulating tile patterns, complex textural rug designs and luxury upholstery textiles from Designs of the Time, to thrill the fingertips. Allowing people to connect to the space and be fully present.

#3 Neotenic Design employs simple shapes, soft edges and thickened forms to release surges of nurture and affection from humans.

We incorporated these cute and comforting features in the custom curved sofa, chair, rounded ottoman edges and mono-materials to elicit positive emotional responses.

#4 Personalised Design, Movement and Support are essential in human-centered spaces. As we spend our days indoors, there’s a growing need for our spaces to not only mentally excite but also be physically comfortable and emotionally supportive to suit various moods.

The multipurpose ottomans, furniture, rug and cushions encourage transformation, personalization and creativity.








News: Introducing our new director Mile has been working within the London and UK interior design markets for over 20 years and will be a familiar face to many.


Following his time with Silent Gliss and Robert Allen, Mike spent 12 years with JAB Ansoetz as their UK MD.


Mike is responsible for setting up and growing our UK business and will shortly be opening our first Design Studio. His favourite rug designs are Lagoon, Lanoche and Neva Fade Circle.

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