Redecorating your B&B

There is nothing more soul-destroying for a B&B owner than to hear their beloved business is looking tired and in need of a bit of TLC. Don't be overwhelmed by the idea of updating or redecorating - it can be fun to inject a bit of life into your surroundings.

Going Back To The Basics

Although your guests have come to you to perhaps escape the everyday, you should still provide the basics. Modern kettles, mugs, hairdryers and the like would impress your guests and confirm that they are getting value for money. Don't go overboard, though. Guests don't like "stuff" taking up too much space (see below).

Starting To De-Clutter

Less is more. Clear away any unnecessary ornaments or "stuff" that isn't needed. Guests don't like to be overwhelmed with bits and bobs - just keep the things they would use such as a phone, a pen and paper or even a nice bunch of flowers to brighten the room.

Investing In New Beds

The latest trends for bedrooms are copper or iron beds, both being easy to clean and inexpensive to buy. As well as a new bed frame, the mattress itself could be upgraded to give your guests a luxurious and comfortable night's sleep. The options are endless for copper bedroom ideas such as copper beds, copper light fittings, copper lamps and so on. You can create a very stylish and sleek looking bedroom by replacing just a few items. Copper is the latest interior design trend and is a very striking, very modern look for a B&B.

Always Having Fresh Bedding

It's not just the bed itself that you could update. New sheets, new mattress toppers, new fluffy pillows and extra snuggly blankets would provide a comfortable and cosy stay for your guests.

New Bath Accessories

New towels, robes or designer toiletries would give your guests the experience of staying in a fine hotel, at a B&B price. Little things like this could go a long way to repeat business or positive word-of-mouth reviews.

Maximising Storage Space

Ideally your guests should have access to hanging space and drawers, however, that isn't always possible. Ensure they have one or the other that is purely for them - remove ironing boards, hairdryers etc and put them elsewhere. Guests need somewhere to unpack and the more space they can have, the better. Ideally, there should be ample space for a suitcase or two as well.

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