Lighting artist, Bruce Munro will be unveiling a new installation just before Christmas, entitled Star Turn in aid of the Help for Heroes rehabilitation centres for wounded soldiers. Star Turn, which uses no electricity whatsoever, is made up of twinkling tealights that spin through the air, on a mechanical contraption powered by riders using pedals.

The installation is to be unveiled at Holbourne Museum,, Bath on 21 December during the Dawn to Dusk sponsored bike ride. Mounted on brackets and encased in borosilicate sleeves, the diminutive candles will be protected as they spin. The installation and its riders will also be protected - under a geodesic dome, within the impressive gardens of the Holburne Museum.

Star-Turn will join Munro's Field of Light, which will be installed in the front and back gardens on 26th November, remaining in place until January 8th. The fibre-optic Field of Light has been seen at the Eden Project in Cornwall, at Long Knoll Field in Wiltshire, and at the V&A Pirelli Garden in 2004.

Bruce Munro has a special commitment to Help For Heroes, a remarkable charity for young British soldiers returning from the front lines. Earlier this year, he created a cascading Light Shower installation for its rehabilitation centre at Tedworth Hall.

'I hope Christmas shoppers will enjoy Star Turn, and the merry-go-round of light will bring a smile to faces at Christmas time.' Says Munro. 'I also hope to get people donating - I can't overstate how much Help For Heroes deserves our support.'