OK, it's very nearly Christmas and you probably haven't finished prezzie shopping. Don't worry here's something for anyone who loves design. Taschen has published Menu Design in America, 1850-1985.I admit that on the face of it, it doesn't sound like something you'd rush out and buy, but that's exactly what I urge you to do! This book works on so many levels, for those interested in design and specifically graphic design. In the usual Taschen style, it's heavily illustrated with menus ranging from the typographically elegant to the supremely kitsch and taking in just about everything in between. It's a great historical document, showing menus as a reflection of cultural influences both graphically - such as the Belgian art nouveau of Alphonse Mucha (above) and socially with such epochal events as the Moon Landings, when many a menu began to look to the stars. This book is just a delight to flick through, it brings a smile to my face every time I pick it up.