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    News and pictures from the design sector

  • Reporter

    The London Festival of Architecture commemorates architecture and the art of city-making

  • If Only... music could transform

    our surroundings…

  • Light + Tech - Light Design

    Jill Entwistle takes us through some of the season’s award-winning lighting installations.

  • Profile: François Roupinian, Lightemotion

    Canadian lighting consultant Lightemotion has, as its name implies, built a reputation for creating schemes that ‘stir up feelings’, says its founder François Roupinian

  • Black & White Building takes James Latham back to the future

    THE BLACK & WHITE BUILDING in Shoreditch, London, is the latest in flexible workspaces from leading co-working provider The Office Group (TOG). A game-changing structure, designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects and Daytrip Studios, it showcases and celebrates the use of timber in contemporary urban architecture on every level. Furthermore, at 17.8m, it’s the tallest mass-timber commercial building in Central London, the first for over 400 years.

  • Projects

    Jill Enwistle explores a selection of lighting projects for people with special needs.

  • Experience and thought

    The team at Lux Populí explore the emotional and perceptive possibilities of lighting.

  • Profile: Paul Nulty, from FX’s Lighting Focus

    Paul Nulty debunks the circadian lighting conducive spaces myth, and tackles how very little we know about what ‘circadian’ really means, even as we use artificial light to imitate its effects.