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    Sarah Dodsworth founding partner at Ekho Studio, on striking the right note between subtle and versatile flooring, versus going bold and brave...

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    Simon Kincaid partner at Conran and Partners, says versatility and longevity are key to ensuring that flooring is a successful component of any scheme

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    Ilaria Baldini, senior designer in the interiors team at Fletcher Priest Architects, hopes sustainability can be at the heart of future flooring choices...

  • Flooring Focus Q&A: Imaginative flooring

    Imaginative flooring can help define and shape an interior space as effectively as any physical barrier, explains Andrea Hickey, associate and senior architect at Nissen Richards Studio...

  • Flooring Focus Q&A: Chris Gwyther

    Chris Gwyther creative director at Phoenix Wharf, explains why flooring should be given the creative priority that its volumetric size in a project demands...

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