• Lighting Focus: White magic

    A selection of projects that use the absence of colour in order to transform spaces, reifying feelings of religious fulfilment as well as achieving an artful presence.

  • Lighting Focus: Living sculptures

    Technology and art embrace in the work of Jason Bruges Studio as they employ a number of techniques to transform spaces and tell stories through the medium of light and space.

  • Lighting Focus: Unweaving the rainbow

    Liz West employs an array of colours in her work, working intricately with light and the contrast between dull and dazzling visuals in order to bring material and space to life.

  • Focus Office

    Cathy Hayward talks to designers in the workplace design space and looks at some of the most exciting upcoming projects

  • Brief Encounters

    Veronica Simpson witnesses a major landmark in artist Katie Paterson’s Future Library project

  • Radical Thinking

    Federica Buricco implements progressive ideals in her work as senior associate at CallisonRTKL

  • Exhibition

    David Trigg visits the 'Objects of Desire' exhibition of Surrealist art at the London Design Museum (OPENS 14 OCTOBER)

  • PANORAMA / Reading Mi, Foshan, China

    Following a Chinese philosophical tradition, this tranquil bookstore not only provides a space for retail, but also a place for thoughtful reading

  • Brief Encounters

    Veronica Simpson discovers a refurbished bike repair shop that functions as a hybrid between a book shop, conference centre and art gallery

  • BDG / WPP, Detroit, US

    The media company’s new Detroit headquarters leans on the city’s industrial and cultural heritage